Proximus Network Updates and Upgrades: Keeping Belgium Connected

Proximus Network Updates

Proximus Network Updates, the leading Belgian telecom operator, has been at the forefront of upgrading and modernizing its telecommunications infrastructure in recent years. With a commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and seamless connectivity, Proximus has undertaken various updates and upgrades to meet the ever-growing demands of its customers. The significant network enhancements carried out by Proximus to keep Belgium connected and pave the way for the future.

1. Fiber Optic Network Expansion

One of the most significant investments made by Proximus is in its fiber optic network. With a staggering budget of €3 billion dedicated to fiber deployment, Proximus aims to provide high-speed internet access to homes and businesses across Belgium. By leveraging fiber optic technology, Proximus can deliver blazing-fast internet speeds and reliable connections, ensuring customers can enjoy seamless online experiences.

1.1 Speed Boost with 10 Gbps Technology

In June 2023, Proximus delighted its customers by announcing a substantial speed boost in its fiber products. The introduction of 10 Gbps technology is a game-changer, revolutionizing internet experiences in the country. With this upgrade, users can download and upload files at unprecedented speeds, unlocking new possibilities for businesses, entertainment, and communication.

1.2 Enhanced Surfing Speed for Existing Flex Fiber Customers

Proximus recognizes the value of its loyal customers. As a gesture of appreciation, existing Flex Fiber customers were treated to a surfing speed upgrade. Their current pack remains intact, but they can now enjoy a lightning-fast speed of 500/500 Mbps as the standard. This upgrade ensures that Proximus continues to provide top-notch service to its existing customer base.

2. Nationwide Transport Network Upgrade

Understanding the surging demand for broadband capacity, Proximus made a significant investment in upgrading its nationwide transport network in August 2018. This upgrade not only bolstered the network’s capacity but also enhanced its reliability and efficiency. The improved transport network lays the groundwork for even faster and more seamless data transmission, ensuring that customers enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

3. Modernization of IT Platforms

Proximus is committed to creating an ecosystem of the future. As part of this vision, the company is actively modernizing its IT platforms to cater to the evolving needs of its customers. By adopting cutting-edge technologies, Proximus aims to provide innovative apps and services that delight its users, enhancing their overall telecom experience.

4. 3G Network Transition

While 4G and 5G technologies are becoming increasingly prevalent, Proximus understands the importance of a gradual transition. Despite most mobile customers having shifted to 4G and 5G, Proximus does not plan to switch off its 3G network until the end of next year. This measured approach ensures that all customers can smoothly migrate to advanced technologies without any disruptions.

5. Cost Optimization Strategies

In the face of inflationary pressures, Proximus is proactive in implementing cost-cutting measures. By selling real estate and optimizing operational expenses, Proximus strives to maintain its commitment to providing affordable services without compromising on quality. These efforts ensure that customers can enjoy the best possible telecom services without an undue financial burden. You can also check there speed test Proximus.


Proximus’s dedication to upgrading and modernizing its network is a testament to its commitment to keeping Belgium connected. From expanding the fiber optic network to upgrading the nationwide transport infrastructure, Proximus is at the forefront of technological advancements in the telecom industry. The company’s focus on customer satisfaction and future-proof solutions ensures that Belgians can enjoy a seamless and unparalleled telecom experience.


How will the 10 Gbps technology benefit me as a home user?

The 10 Gbps technology will provide you with lightning-fast internet speeds, enabling quicker downloads, smoother video streaming, and improved online gaming experiences.

Will I need to upgrade my current plan to enjoy the enhanced surfing speed?

No, existing Flex Fiber customers will receive the speed upgrade without the need to change their current plan.

When can we expect the 3G network to be switched off?

Proximus plans to switch off its 3G network by the end of next year.

Are there any additional charges for the IT platform modernization?

No, the modernization of IT platforms is part of Proximus’s commitment to enhancing customer experiences without incurring extra charges.

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